January 2018 Hall of Fame

Bugcrowd is pleased to recognize our January 2018 Hall of Fame winners! Starting the year with a bang, todayisnew takes first place! Coming in second place is mongo, and rounding out the top three is Private User in 3rd place. Congratulations to our January winners! To thank our top performers, Bugcrowd is pleased to award bonuses. todayisnew – 1433 points – $2,500 bonus mongo –

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Submission Data Updates

In the course of doing data validation in the final quarter of 2017, Bugcrowd engineers identified areas where submission data was not correctly updating. Because we value transparency, we have outlined the resolved changes below: Duplicates no longer occasionally ignore inheriting data changes from the original submission when the change was made after the second

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Inside the Mind of a Hacker 2.0

Last year, we launched the Inside the Mind of a Hacker report, sharing insights into the distinct profiles and stories, gathered from the Bugcrowd researcher community. Today we’re launching our second iteration on this, Inside the Mind of a Hacker 2.0, diving deeper into the collective power and intelligence the bug bounty community brings to

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How to Earn Your Way Onto a Private Bounty Program

We are consistently asked “How Do I Earn Private Program Invitations?”Hands down, this is our most commonly asked question from members of our Crowd, so we want to take this opportunity to reemphasize the most important information to keep an eye on if you’re looking to get invited to a private program. Since 2015, we

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