5 Ways to ‘Outhack them all’ in Leadership

We say “Outhack them all” a lot here at Bugcrowd. It’s part of our ethos – our way of thinking and being. Hacking is all about thinking differently to achieve greatness — it’s something I find incredibly inspiring. Recently, I read It’s Your Ship, a phenomenal autobiography written by Captain Michael Abrashoff, the former commander

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How Governments are Running Effective Bug Bounty Programs

If you’re reading this article, statistically speaking your organization might be getting hacked. In the private sector, the Equifax hack and Intel’s processor vulnerabilities took the mainstream media by storm. And over the past year, data breaches of U.S. government networks, once novel, have become pervasive. Take it from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) or the IRS – no one is safe

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3 Reasons Why Every Company Should Have a VDP

Too often we see security researchers, whitehat hackers, IT leaders, academics, and journalists reach out to organizations after discovering a vulnerability; only to find that there is no obvious channel to receive such report. With hundreds of vulnerabilities found daily, it’s crucial to provide an obvious and easy way for external parties to report these

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Data Privacy Day? Here’s what you need to know.

Happy Data Privacy Day! Data Privacy Day is an annual awareness day to spotlight and foster education around online privacy and data protection. The National Cyber Security Alliance, Stay Safe Online holds Data Privacy Day every year on January 28 to commemorate the first legally-binding international treaty concerning privacy and data protection. Some of the

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ITSPmagazine Podcast: Why Do Bug Bounty Hunters Do What They Do?

ITSPmagazine’s Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin recently hosted Bugcrowd’s Senior Community Manager, Sam Houston, and two penetration testers who also double as bug bounty hunters, Jasmin Landry (@JR0ch17) and Darrell Damstedt (@hateshaped), on their podcast to take a deeper dive into the hacker community. In this episode, the group discussed the researcher community, the strategies

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