ITSPmagazine Podcast: Why Do Bug Bounty Hunters Do What They Do?

ITSPmagazine’s Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin recently hosted Bugcrowd’s Senior Community Manager, Sam Houston, and two penetration testers who also double as bug bounty hunters, Jasmin Landry (@JR0ch17) and Darrell Damstedt (@hateshaped), on their podcast to take a deeper dive into the hacker community. In this episode, the group discussed the researcher community, the strategies

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2019 Inside the Mind of a Hacker Report Reveals Gender Imbalance, Hacker Education and Highest Paid Crowds

Today we released the 2019 edition of the Inside the Mind of a Hacker Report, highlighting the makeup of the bug hunting community to provide insight and understanding into who they are, what they like to do, their experiences, skillsets, as well as what motivates them. In the 2019 edition, we look at gender imbalance,

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The Biggest Bugs in 2018 and What’s to Come

The global security threat outlook evolves with each coming year — there is a growing number of ways known vulnerabilities can be exploited to damage businesses and individuals. Attackers take advantage of different vulnerabilities for different reasons depending on the business model. Regardless of the why and how, there is no doubt that there is

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The Difference Between Bug Bounty and Next Gen Pen Test

We recently launched Next Gen Pen Test. It’s a new product with unique platform capabilities to meet organizations’ evolving continuous application security needs as focused external threats grow at an accelerated pace. The next generation of pen testing can deliver up to seven times more security findings than traditional penetration testing, dramatically improving both the

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