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Ashish Gupta is CEO and president of Bugcrowd.
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5 Ways to ‘Outhack them all’ in Leadership

We say “Outhack them all” a lot here at Bugcrowd. It’s part of our ethos – our way of thinking and being. Hacking is all about thinking differently to achieve greatness — it’s something I find incredibly inspiring. Recently, I read It’s Your Ship, a phenomenal autobiography written by Captain Michael Abrashoff, the former commander

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Pentagon Security: Combating the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

The Defense Digital Service’s mission to “drive a giant leap forward in the way the Department of Defense builds and deploys technology and digital services” is something we can all get behind. As citizens we commend the work they have done as well as their plans to expand on these efforts — we are thrilled

Fighting Climate Change with Ice Stupas

As we begin this fall season, with renewed enthusiasm and excitement, I reflect on my favorite examples of people who think differently to achieve greatness and feel inspired to think outside-of-the-box.    In part 1 of my #outhackthemall series, I spoke about Jonny Moseley — profound Olympic freestyle skier who developed offbeat training methods that

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