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Taking Back Pen Tests

Is my stuff secure? Penetration Tests, or Pen Tests,  show external entities that you care about security. At least that’s often what they’re used for, right? Whether it’s a customer, partner, or auditor, this is one of the most accessible and acceptable standards for demonstrating the security of your web apps, APIs, network, etc. At

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Bugcrowd’s Self-Serve ServiceNow Integration for Crowdcontrol

Finding heaps of vulnerabilities isn’t very useful without a way to action them. That’s why Bugcrowd isn’t just focused on finding more vulnerabilities, we’re focused on helping organizations resolve those findings, faster. Today we’re proud to announce the launch of another SDLC integration that further enable seamless handoff between Security and Development. Introducing: ServiceNow for

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Bugcrowd’s Self-Serve GitHub Integration for Crowdcontrol

Surfacing high-value, critical vulnerabilities is the #1 biggest attractor for organizations considering crowdsourced security, according to the 2019 Bugcrowd CISO survey. However, the #1 most frequently cited barrier to doing more with those findings, is the lack of integration between application security tools and application development tools. In other words, finding the stuff that’s broken

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