Travis Andrade

Product Marketing Manager at Bugcrowd.
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New Feature: Traffic Control Provides Unprecedented Coverage and Control for Crowdsourced Security Testing

Bugcrowd has done it again! Today we announced an innovative enhancement to Crowdcontrol–introducing Traffic Control, a proprietary feature built to deliver a solution for secure crowdsourced security testing. Crowdsourced security testing has proven to be a cost-effective solution for uncovering security risks for organizations–augmenting their SDL by addressing the shortage of security resources in the industry. Yet with

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Bugcrowd Introduces a New, Intuitive Submission Search Bar

We are excited to introduce new submission search and filtering capabilities to Crowdcontrol, built to optimize the time you spend finding submissions. Over the last three years, we have seen a steady rise in vulnerability submissions, with a 67% increase in submissions year over year and a 73% increase of valid submissions. What is driving

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Quickly Identify and Take Action with Bugcrowd’s Slack Integration

The release of our newest integration with Slack now allows you to receive actionable bounty notifications immediately! Organizations continue to transition to an agile software development lifecycle in today’s fast paced market where there is an increased need for developing applications quickly, efficiently, and securely. Our platform, Crowdcontrol, enables companies to seamlessly implement bug bounty

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June 2017 Hall of Fame Results!!

Bugcrowd is excited to announce our June 2017 Hall of Fame winners! At the top, mongo is in our first place spot again :), with Web_Plus following closely behind in second and ahmedehane rounding out our top three! To thank our top performers for their hard work, Bugcrowd is pleased to announce that all three researchers have

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