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Executive Chairman, Founder and CTO of Bugcrowd.
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How Governments are Running Effective Bug Bounty Programs

If you’re reading this article, statistically speaking your organization might be getting hacked. In the private sector, the Equifax hack and Intel’s processor vulnerabilities took the mainstream media by storm. And over the past year, data breaches of U.S. government networks, once novel, have become pervasive. Take it from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) or the IRS – no one is safe

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Marriott Breach: What Makes it Unique & What to do Next

Today Marriott announced the company’s Starwood reservations database had been breached and the personal information of 500 million guests stolen. The Washington Post reports that Marriott first learned that an unauthorized party had access to its systems on Sept. 8, but because the hackers encrypted the stolen data the company was unable to determine the

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Open Source: It’s turtles all the way down.

Open source is an amazing model and tool, and it’s not a stretch to say that open source is in many ways responsible for the rapid acceleration of technology over the last 20 years. The Linux Foundation recently surveyed and found that almost every organization today uses open source code. CTO of the Cloud Native

Best Hacker Movies – The Definitive List

As is the case with many things, this post is the product of being bored on a long flight with Internet access. I made a deliberately vague but provocative Twitter poll, which subsequently blew up and spawned an amazing list of hacker movies recommendations – Ranging through cybersecurity, cypherpunk, and cybercrime genres: We decided to

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Homeland Security to Establish Vulnerability Disclosure; House Pushes for Formalization of CISO role

Last week, the House voted to approve H.R. 6735, a bill that directs the Homeland Security Secretary to establish a vulnerability disclosure policy for the agency’s websites. This was a swift decision — The House Homeland Security Committee advanced this bill just last week — as well as a timely one. Crowdsourced security has been

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