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Solutions Architect at Bugcrowd.
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Process For Launching Your Crowdsourced Security Program

Running a successful bug bounty program starts far before the actual program launch date, and is a continuous and iterative process of improving and growing over time. The workflow and lifecycle of a managed bug bounty program can typically be broken down into the following five parts: scoping, implementation, identification of findings, remediation of issues,

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Managing Your Crowdsourced Security Program for Success

A growing number of organizations across various industry sectors are adopting crowdsourced security, making it clear that this model is no longer just the future of cybersecurity – it is the here and now. Crowdsourced security is driving organizations to become more productive – and even creative – with their security programs. But if you’re

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Providing Access to your Program: Sharing Isn’t Caring

Over the past year, we’ve spent some time diving into many of the different aspects relating to setting up a successful bug bounty program. Previously we’ve covered setting your scope, and the importance of focus areas, as well as some considerations to make around setting exclusions and provisioning your testing environment. Additionally, we’ve also taken a brief look at

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