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CISO Q&A: Kim Green

This week we launched our 2017 CISO Investment Blueprint which analyzes survey responses from 100 security decision makers regarding the current state of application security. In addition to the survey results, we’ve chatted with several innovators in the security industry to get their thoughts on appsec today and the future. Over the next couple of months,

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New Industry Report: 2017 CISO Investment Blueprint

What are CISOs concerned about in application security for 2017? What are their spending and resource allocation priorities? What does the modern-day appsec landscape look like? At the end of 2016 we surveyed some security industry leaders to get their thoughts on the current state of application security and what is to come for appsec

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A Hacker at CES

Today is the first day of another Consumer Electronics Show–CES. Launched 50 years ago the show has been the place to see the latest gadgets, but over the last several years the scope of the show has grown. From cars to drones to personal fitness devices, the show once named for the consumer “electronics” it showcased

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Big Bugs | Episode 6: API Security and the Internet of Things w/ Fitbit

The unprecedented growth and adoption of connected devices have created innumerable threats for organizations, manufacturers, and consumers, while at the same time creating unprecedented opportunities for hackers. In this episode of Big Bugs, Jason Haddix joins Fitbit’s security team to explore what it takes to effectively hack connected devices through APIs, and how the role

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Big Bugs Podcast Episode 2: ImageTragick Up Close

This morning we released the second episode of our new podcast series ‘Big Bugs’ hosted by me. This episode, embedded in this post and available on SoundCloud, takes a look at the recently popularized bug, ImageTragick. I discuss the detection and remediation time line of the widespread bug in the image processing suite, ImageMagic, as well as the implications it has