Sam Houston

Senior Community Manager at Bugcrowd. Sam's passionate about working to foster the best researcher community on the web. Prior to joining the security industry Sam worked for Couchsurfing, Electronic Arts, Playfish, and gamerDNA.
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Platform Update: Image Embedding Live

At Bugcrowd, our researchers pride themselves on submitting well-written, detailed reports that allow customers to easily understand the impact of the vulnerability discovered. Today we’re taking a big step forward in this process and have updated the Bugcrowd Crowdcontrol platform to support image embedding in a researcher’s bug submission! Over the past year we increasingly

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New Platform Feature – Advanced Program Search

Today we are launching Advanced Program Search on the Programs list page, an expansive search feature that allows researchers to more easily surface programs that suit their interests. This feature leverages the tokenized search functionality that we have in other places in the app, such as a researcher’s Submissions page. Using 10+ filter keys, a

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Hacker Spotlight: Ambassador Rey Bango

With the launch of the Bugcrowd Ambassador program, we will share stories from our global hacker community. This week we’re putting the Spotlight on Rey, a Bugcrowd Ambassador. Feel free to follow Rey Bango on Twitter @reybango Rey never saw cybersecurity as a career path but a couple of key things changed that. WannaCry happened, leaving

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Hacker Spotlight: Ambassador Jesse Kinser

This week we’re putting the Spotlight on Jesse Kinser, a Bugcrowd Ambassador in Indiana. Feel free to follow Jesse on Twitter @securitybites Jesse has been hacking for over 10 years and doing bug bounties for about 4 years now. Her story begins when she was curious about computers, especially the internet, around 3rd grade. She

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Hacker Spotlight – Sam “zlz” Curry

We’re back with the Hacker Spotlight series and this week we’re giving a shoutout to Sam Curry. Sam is from Omaha, Nebraska, and has been a rising star in the bug bounty community for the last couple of years. We are excited to have Sam as a Researcher Ambassador, where he’ll be working to help

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Researcher Spotlight – Phillip Wylie Ambassador

With the recent launch of the Bugcrowd Ambassador program, we will share stories from our global hacker community. This week we’re putting the Spotlight on Phillip Wylie, a Bugcrowd Ambassador in Texas, USA. Follow Phillip on Twitter @PhillipWylie Phillip has a great passion for teaching and mentoring others, leading him to his latest effort: The

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Launching Bugcrowd University

At Bugcrowd, we take great pride in the diversity of our community. We’re excited by the opportunity that we have every day to work with researchers of all backgrounds, interests, and skills. Today, we’re excited to launch our latest effort in this area: Bugcrowd University. Bugcrowd University is free. open-source, educational content and training available to

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