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Demonstrate Continuous Security Testing with Bugcrowd’s New Program Report

Demonstrate Continuous Security Testing With Bugcrowd’s New Program Report

We’re excited to announce our new Program Report, making it easier than ever to share vulnerability assessment data.

This professional, “pentest-like” report communicates the right information to the right people and helps demonstrates continuous testing. Let continuous security enable your business to provide assurance to your customers by aligning to best practices.

Continuous Security Testing Aligns with CI/CD

As I walked through the expo floor at this year’s RSA, I wasn’t at all surprised to hear security vendors talk about continuous security. The added pressure of shipping products faster forces companies to iterate even faster through lean agile development. So for security to keep pace, it’s necessary to continuously test assets as they evolve in your CI/CD pipeline.

Continuous Testing with Point-in-time Assurance

Demonstrating continuous testing can be tricky due to the volume of information. The easiest way to mitigate this is to scope your report by time. Our Program Report allows you to select custom dates to generate a report and simple shortcuts for common pre-set timeframes.

Flexible Reporting to Meet the Needs of Your Audience

Communicating continuous testing results vary depending on your stakeholders’ needs. Providing too little or too much information can lengthen the review process. Save yourself from unnecessary conversations by providing your stakeholders with only the information that they need. Bugcrowd’s Program Report is flexible, enabling you to generate reports that are specific to the needs of your audience. 

The Program Report starts with clearly exposing the targets and Bugcrowd personnel to verify assurance.

It is critical to champion your developers that make remediation a priority as continuous testing reveals vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis. The Program Report can be configured to include a submissions index that summarizes the vulnerability state to quickly show off your increased security posture by listing which findings have been marked as resolved.

Depending on the technical experience of the audience, full vulnerability details may be required. This can lead to a lengthy report, so Bugcrowd enables you to include it at your discretion.

Drive Progress Through Best Practice Security

Continuous security testing matters. It provides your customers and partners with assurance. It can be achieved by keeping your customers safe through ongoing testing by crowdsourced experts. With the Program Report, Bugcrowd’s crowdsourced security enables you to demonstrate continuous testing at your own convenience.

To learn more about the Program Report take a look at our Crowdcontrol documentation. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or questions, we’d love to hear from you at

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