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The Third Annual Buggy Awards, Winners Announced

The Third Annual Buggy Awards, Winners Announced

Today, we are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Buggy Awards!

At Bugcrowd, we know that the success of our business, and of the crowdsourced security assessment space, depends on the hard work of our customers and research community. As such, we are always looking for opportunities to recognize our community for the outstanding work they do. The Buggy Awards honor those who have gone above and beyond. We will be posting a video of the award show on YouTube in a couple weeks for on-demand viewing.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

Customer Awards

The Most Responsive Program Award recognizes a customer who has committed themselves to providing an awesome experience and fast response times on their bug bounty programs.

The winner of the program with the best response time and commitment is Netflix!

First runner-up goes to TripAdvisor.

Second runner-up goes to Atlassian.

Program of the Year Award recognizes the incredible work that goes into creating a successful bounty program. Based on several variables including reward range, communication, scope breadth, and general participation, this award goes to the most well-rounded program managed by Bugcrowd.

The award for this year’s Program of the Year goes to Atlassian!

First runner-up goes to Netflix.

Second runner-up goes to Hubspot.

Best Program, Researchers’ Choice recognizes the best program in the bug bounty space, as understood by the researcher community. Throughout the year we survey our Crowd and ask them to nominate their favorite program (and tell us why they rock!).

The winner of the Best Program, Researchers’ Choice award goes to NETGEAR!

First runner-up goes to Atlassian.

Second runner-up goes to Tesla.

Researcher Awards

P1 Warrior recognizes a researcher who focuses his/her attention on the most technically severe vulnerabilities, according to the Bugcrowd VRT. They consistently go above and beyond to provide detailed Proof of Concepts, in-depth written reports and chained attacks.

This year’s P1 Warrior award goes to mongo!

First runner-up goes to sandeepv.

Second place goes to jstnkndy.

The Kudos Champion recognizes a researcher with the greatest number of (non-duplicate) Kudos points earned through Disclosure Only programs. Kudos Points are weighted by the severity of the submission.

The Kudos Champion award goes to Sandeepv!

First runner-up goes to ahmedehane.

Second place goes to todayisnew.

The Researcher Community Involvement Award recognizes researchers who have contributed positively over the last year to the community at large, Whether it’s on twitter, our Github comments, through private feedback, or generally being a great member of the community.

We’d like to recognize:

The Most Valuable Hacker Award is given to the Researcher with the best-combined rankings across the following categories:

  • Average Technical Severity
  • Accuracy
  • Volume of Valid & Accepted submissions.

This year’s Most Valuable Hacker Award goes to mongo!

First runner-up goes to jstnkndy.

Second runner-up goes to darkieduck.

We work with amazing researchers and program owners alike and it is vital to highlight the incredible engagement and dedication we see on a daily basis so that it does not go unrecognized.

The year is young, and we’ve already seen some amazing research. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

See you next year!

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