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Third Annual Buggy Awards Announced

Third Annual Buggy Awards Announced

We are pleased to announce the Third Annual Buggy Awards!

These awards represent a select group of individuals and organizations who have done fantastic work in the crowdsourced security space in the past year.

These awards highlight the achievements of top performing customers and researchers and serve as a reminder about what is essential to maintaining the health of the community as a whole.

We are hosting the award show at Local Edition in San Francisco on April 18, 3 pm PT and will be posting via YouTube.

Read on for this year’s categories and finalists.

Top Program Awards

For our top public bounty programs, we are awarding three companies who are truly committed to both the Bugcrowd researcher community and to running an outstanding bounty program.

Most Responsive Program

In previous years, the Most Responsive Program award focused solely on the speed with which an organization responded to a triaged report. While taking action quickly is important, this year we also want to recognize Program Owners who have made a commitment to provide quality responses and engagement with their participating Researchers.  

The finalists in this category are (in alphabetical order):

Researchers’ Choice

Throughout the year we survey our Crowd and ask them to nominate their favorite program (and tell us why they rock!). While it is important to have a well-rounded program, the ultimate decider of success in this category is the Researcher community.

The finalists in this category are (in alphabetical order):

Program of the Year

Program of the Year recognizes the incredible work that goes into creating a successful bounty program. Based on several variables including reward range, communication, scope breadth, and general participation, this award goes to the most well-rounded program managed by Bugcrowd.

The finalists in this category are (in alphabetical order):


Top Bug Hunter Awards

Our Researcher Awards acknowledge individuals for contributions of excellence, which range from positively impacting the wider security and Bugcrowd communities, as well as traditional recognition for exceptional individual work on bounty programs.

Outstanding Community Contribution

Researchers who are positive influences in the wider Bugcrowd community are recognized in the Outstanding Community Contribution category. These contributions may come in the form of being a positive influence on social media, contributing to the Bugcrowd GitHub VRT discussions, or by writing valuable reference materials for other Researchers. While these Researchers are all dedicated Crowd members who participate in many Bugcrowd programs, we value their incredible contributions to the Bugcrowd community as a whole.

The Researchers who are being recognized for their community contributions in this category are (in alphabetical order):

Kudos Champion

Kudos Champion recognizes Researchers with the greatest number of (non-duplicate) Kudos points earned through Disclosure Only programs. This award is important for organizations like (ISC)2, a not-for-profit security education and certification company, who are incredibly devoted to security but do not or cannot offer financial rewards.

The finalists in this category are (in alphabetical order):

P1 Warrior

P1 Warrior recognizes Researchers who focus their attentions on the most technically severe vulnerabilities, according to the Bugcrowd VRT. They consistently go above and beyond to provide detailed Proof of Concepts, in-depth written reports, and chained attacks.

The finalists in this category are (in alphabetical order):

Most Valuable Hacker

Our final award is given in recognition of Researchers who have demonstrated excellence in a combination of areas. The Most Valuable Hacker award is given to the Researcher with the best combined rankings across the following categories:

  • Average Technical Severity
  • Accuracy
  • Volume of Valid & Accepted submissions.

The finalists in this category are (in alphabetical order):

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