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Topic: Product Updates

Points don’t matter; Your skills do

Points are everywhere, however, they could be detrimental . . .  For years, researchers have relied on points as an easy, single flat metric for gauging one’s success on the platform - those with more points were ranked higher than…

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Draft Submissions & Autosave

Submission Drafting And Autosave

No longer will you have to endure losing your submission details due to a connection, browser, or computer failure! With our Draft Submissions and Autosave enhancements to the submission process, your drafted submissions are saved server-side, and can be picked…

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The Informational Revolution

Won't Fix Substate Change

Update: This change is now live! In the next few weeks we’ll be changing the Won’t Fix outcome to Informational. You may notice this shift happening gradually. This means that while you’ll see “informational” start to appear in the Bugcrowd…

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2020 Bugcrowd Product Highlights

The Bugcrowd platform continued to evolve on our three key priorities to integrate better with your security workflows, provide security expertise on-demand, and personalize your user experience. Here’s a review of the platform capabilities that we built in 2020. Security…

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Introducing Our New Researcher Dashboard!

The Researcher Dashboard has a fresh coat of paint. This enhanced dashboard makes Bugcrowd simpler, faster, and easier to use than ever before!  You’ll notice a few benefits right away based on the new design:  A one-stop-shop of In-Platform Tasks…

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