Customer Case Study


Dash is a leading e-commerce and payments-focused digital currency, and the fast-growing alternative to bitcoin.

As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities is imperative. But demand for security professionals outweighs the supply. Working with Bugcrowd alleviates that pain point, harnessing the power of the Crowd to scale and secure its online payments.


  • Meaningful amounts of cryptocurrency are an obvious target, attracting a powerful incentive for thieves on a global scale.
  • Dash understands security is absolutely imperative to money markets but they were limited in time and resources. They needed external feedback on code to ensure the security of the cryptocurrency they held.

Solution with Bugcrowd:

  • Dash launched a private bug bounty program in August 2017 with Bugcrowd, which tapped into a curated, invite-only crowd to find the company’s platform vulnerabilities.
  • Dash took the program public after two weeks, inviting opening it up to security experts around the world to detect issues on behalf of Dash.

Program Results:

  • In one year, Bugcrowd researchers identified 11 valid unique bugs in Dash digital cash applications.
  • Bugcrowd’s triage and validation team filtered through 66 vulnerabilities submissions, saving Dash numerous hours of work.
  • With a public Bugcrowd bug bounty, Dash can showcase its commitment to security, giving Dash users the confidence of knowing the application they are using is safe.