Customer Case Study


With Customer Security Paramount for OneLogin, They Chose Bugcrowd To Innovate Continuous Security Efforts

As a security company, OneLogin needed to affirm its commitment to its customer base with a meaningful, actionable way to uncover and repair security issues.

What started as a targeted Bugcrowd On-Demand Assessment program subsequently evolved into a fully managed Vulnerability Disclosure Program, as well as a Private Bug Bounty program.


  • Because millions of users worldwide depend on OneLogin for safe app access, security has always been a top priority for the organization, and they needed a way to articulate this to their customers.

Solution with Bugcrowd:

  • Working together with Bugcrowd, OneLogin was able to incorporate the Crowdcontrol vulnerability discovery and management platform into an ongoing and holistic security program using the most innovative technology available.
  • Over the course of the OneLogin/Bugcrowd bug bounty program, OneLogin has experienced ongoing success and has adopted the Bugcrowd platform as an essential — if not primary — part of its security strategy.

Program Results

Since the launch of the Vulnerability Disclosure Program in August 2017, the number of submissions has doubled, without increasing the time to triage and validate.

Read the full case study below to learn more about OneLogin’s bug bounty programs.