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AUSCert 2021 – Cyber Security Conference

What does a security transformation strategy look like and how can SOAR help

What Does a Security Transformation Strategy Look Like and How Can SOAR Help

James Young

Global Security Strategist


Jess Dodson

Customer Engineer in Security & Identity Modernization


Casey Ellis

Chairman, Founder, and CTO


Anthony Kitzelmann

Chief Information Security Officer

Airservices Australia

Security teams are continually faced with increasing and diverse pressures. This is evident now more than ever before. If it is not the ever evolving threat landscape, business or digital transformation initiatives, limited resources and budgets, there is nothing like throwing a global pandemic into the equation, forcing a rapid change to not only business models but also the most large scale, rapid shift to remote work we are ever likely to see.

With all this happening, what strategies can we put in place to not only leverage technologies such as SOAR, but enable security teams to become more proactive, effective and efficient at doing what they need to do? SOAR presents possibly the biggest opportunity security operations teams have ever had to enable much broader transformation of their function and capabilities. During this session, we will look at ways to incorporate SOAR to not only reduce the load on your security operations team, but also what strategies can be put in place to improve overall detection and response capabilities. We will analyze how to get the most out of a technology platform with the right processes and methodologies.

We will outline ways in which to measure and track your performance during this process, and in the longer term, in order to help demonstrate the results and justify further investment. Remember, the overall objective with SOAR is not just to do things faster, but to also free up our resources to improve our overall effectiveness. Being able to measure all aspects of SOC operations is key in knowing where to focus and demonstrate the results of your transformation strategy.

Inside The Unlikely Romance – Crowdsourced Security from a Financial Services Perspective

Casey Ellis

Chairman, Founder, and CTO


It has been 20 years since Rainforest Puppy released the RFPolicy responsible disclosure policy, 11 years since Google and Facebook brought the concept of bug bounty into the eye of the security industry, and 9 years since Bugcrowd pioneered the concept of inserting a platform in the process to facilitate conversations between builders and breakers in order to level the skill and resourcing playing field against our adversaries.

So, how’s it all going? Did it all turn out to be a “tech company” thing? What have the results, and the impact on cybersecurity defense been on more traditionally conservative industries, like financial services? What can the history of the relationship between helpful hackers and organizations tell us about what we’ll need for the future?

In this talk, Casey Ellis (Founder, Chairman, and CTO of Bugcrowd) will unpack some salient lessons after nearly 10 years building Bugcrowd, and nearly 5 years of actively partnering with the white-hat hacker community within the National Australia Bank.

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