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Fall 2019 Roadshow

October 23 - November 6, 2019

If you have a DevSecOps process, you’ve heard the phrases “shift left” and “shift right.” But, what’s the difference and which is more important? The answer is both – effective application security is continuous, secures software throughout the development lifecycle from design to deployment, and builds on a zero-trust foundation.

Join subject matter experts from Bugcrowd, Veracode, and Edgewise for a lively discussion on DevSecOps best practices and zero-trust. Learn:

  • Why continuous scanning throughout the development lifecycle is critical
  • Where security fits into every part of the SDLC
  • How zero trust security can speed up DevSecOps

Register today:

October 23rd Rockbottom in Chicago, IL
October 30th Boston Public House in Boston, MA
November 6thThe Chapter Room in Atlanta, GA

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