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2019 Edition
A comprehensive overview of Bugcrowd's security researcher community, the motivations for bug hunting and the economics of whitehat hacking.

2019 Inside the Mind of a Hacker

Did you Know?
24% spends 6-10 hours per week bug hunting. That is a significant amount of time given more than 50% of the hacker community is bug hunting on top of a regular 9-5 job.
A mere 4% of the global hacking community are female; more than 91% are male.
34.87% of the hacker community say they have previously collaborated with other hackers and want to collaborate again in the future. 50% say they haven’t previously collaborated but are open to it in the future.
43% of hackers learned how to hack via online resources and blogs and 41% are self-taught.
15% of hackers aspire to be top security engineers at places like Google and Facebook. 6% aspire to be CISOs.
81% of hackers say their experience bug hunting has helped them get a job in cybersecurity.

According to a recent report, 71% of cybercriminals say they can breach the perimeter of a target within 10 hours. The only way to combat this threat is with the help of the whitehat community.

The crowdsourced security model harnesses this global whitehat community, with different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds, enabling organizations to leverage this untapped talent – something that would be nearly impossible otherwise.

The 2019 Inside the Mind of a Hacker Report highlights the makeup of the whitehat community to gain insight and understanding into who they are, what they like to do, their experiences, skill sets, as well as what motivates them.

Download the 2019 Inside the Mind of a Hacker report and learn:

  • The gender imbalance in infosec
  • Hacker education and leveraging the hacking skillset
  • Insights into Bugcrowd’s Elite, MVP and Top 50 - ALL TIME Crowds

By putting the numbers, expertise, motivation and speed of the whitehat hacker community on your side, a crowdsourced security program will give you the tools to rapidly test your products and discover and fix flaws in record time.

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