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Bug Bash

Live Hacking Events
Real-Time Results

Accelerated Approach to Risk Reduction

Bugcrowd Bug Bashes are live 1- to 2-day hacking events that bring your team together with the world’s top whitehat hackers in a fun, interactive, and educational environment to accelerate the discovery of critical vulnerabilities.

Find More Vulnerabilities

Prepare for a product launch or energize your existing crowdsourced security program.

Create a Learning Environment

Bring builders and breakers together to foster greater product and project understanding.

Interact with the Elite Crowd

Create opportunities to interact, engage, and collaborate with hackers from around the world.

Bug Bash Features

Resource Tile - Bug Bash Interface

Elevate Program Visibility
and Results

Energize your program and find
more vulnerabilities.

Bug Bashes often result in 80-100 reports per day depending on targets, with over 75% valid submissions and 15% critical/high impact bugs. Focus on a specific software or API release, or broaden your coverage.

Resource Tile - Sydney Bug Bash

Deepen Relationships
with Elite Testers

Create relationships that last long after
the weekend ends.

On average, customers see a 25% increase in report volume in the 90 days following a Bug Bash. Generate interest in and streamline future programs by encouraging collaboration between your team and the Crowd.

Fully Managed for Success

End-to-end event orchestration with dedicated program manager and event staff.

We’re experts at creating the best atmosphere for dynamic collaboration, education, and good old fashioned bug hunting. Every event is fully managed, professionally hosted and catered via the incredible coordination of our dedicated Bug Bash events team. Your team and the hackers they love will be treated like the rockstars they are. We’ll help you finalize scope, but you can leave the rest to us!

increase vulnerability findings and researcher engagement

Featured Tile - BugBash Atlassian

Atlassian Runs Bug Bashes to Amplify Findings and Engage the Crowd

“The goal for us is we want finding an issue in any one of our products to be really, really hard. And a way to think about if it’s hard is to have as many people looking as possible, to have the best people looking, and then to make it really lucrative.”

Adrian Ludwig, CISO, Atlassian

Build your Solution

Tell us what you’re looking for in your Bug Bash.




Fully-managed from start to finish, 10 hackers to participate, core event swag and media package, internal or co-event space, 2-day pre-access event Bug Bounty program


Fully-managed from start to finish, 20 hackers to participate, premium swag and media package, premium event venue, one-week pre-access event Bug Bounty program


Fully-managed from start to finish, 30+ hackers to participate, premium+ co-branded swag and media package, premium domestic or international event venue, one-week pre-access and post-access Bug Bounty program

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