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Next Gen Pen Test

Results You Want
Coverage You Need


Better coverage, better results

Bugcrowd Next Gen Pen Test combines the collective creativity of the Crowd with methodology-driven reports you need to meet compliance requirements.

Right Resource,
Right Now

Global community of pen testers and hackers with the skills you need to find more, faster.

Fix Faster,
Build Better

Quickly action vulnerabilities with Remediation Advice, SDLC integration, and re-testing.

Meet Compliance

Next Gen Pen Test has been independently assessed to help you meet and own PCI objectives.

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AMA: Next Gen Pen Test

Organizations spend millions every year on pen tests while value for money continues to decline. Listen to this webinar to find out how Bugcrowd Next Gen Pen Test delivers 10x more vulnerabilities than traditional penetration testing, dramatically improving both security posture and software development best practices.

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Next Gen Pen Test Features

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Continuous Coverage

Multiply impact with dedicated team
for 24/7 coverage.

Next Gen Pen Test multiplies approaches and impact, incentivizing a broader pool of resources to follow a methodology-driven assessment while continuously surfacing vulnerabilities.

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Coverage Analysis and

Provide development the information needed to fix faster and build better.

Traffic Control technology enables activity verification, access control, and unsurpassed information about how vulnerabilities were discovered for advanced coverage analysis.

SDLC Integration

Ensure development has all the information needed to fix and build better.

With JIRA, Slack, ServiceNow, and Github integrations, getting the right information to the right team members has never been easier. Baked-in Remediation Advice and objective VRT/CVSS ratings provide remediation consistency while promoting more secure build cycles.

We help leading organizations find more and do more

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Bugcrowd’s Next Gen Pen Test Enables Movember to Secure its Data Before its Busy Period

“With Bugcrowd everything seemed so
seamless: innovative testing, ease of platform use and speed of detection are all great.”

Marcus Nance, Delivery Lead for the Movember Foundation

Better Results Powered by Crowdcontrol

Pen Testers are Awesome

But the traditional pen test model fails to take advantage of their collective expertise. Next Gen Pen Test changes that. With access to a worldwide network of pen testers and hackers with the skills, experience, and trust you require, we build the right team for your specific needs every time. Our layered approach ensures we find and help you action more critical vulnerabilities, faster.

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Platform Tile

Industry Best Practices, Automated Workflows

Crowdcontrol™ helps us automatically aggregate and triage submissions as they are submitted by our Crowd. Bugcrowd’s BugHunter™ Methodology blends OWASP Top 10 with industry best practice for optimal coverage. ResearcherDirect allows customers communicate directly with the Crowd for more transparency. Platform integrations and Remediation Advice help you get the right information to the right people, fast.

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Dedicated Management and Triage Teams

Dedicated program managers help aggregate results and evolve your program while our expert triage team provides unique insights and context on vulnerabilities as they surface. Along the way, continuous program health assessments ensure you have the right mix of incentives to ensure your program is successful.

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Bugcrowd provides end-to-end support for every Next Gen Pen Test assessment. From team selection, to vulnerability triage and management, we’ve got your back.

Identify the
Right Team

We find and incentivize the right pen testers and hackers for your program.

Choose Your Methodology

Pen testers and hackers hunt for vulnerabilities based on your specifications.


Triage and Validate

We validate and prioritize the vulnerabilities that matter most.


Verify and Remediate

SDLC integration, objective VRT ratings, and Remediation Advice help your team build better.


Build your Solution

Tell us what you’re looking for in your Next Gen Pen Test Program




Best fit for customers with high-value targets, rapid or agile development lifecycles, or those who perform multiple pen tests a year.


Project-based programs offer a time-bound assessment, similar to a traditional pen test.



1x Pen Test Report a Year by Trust Enabled Researchers and Pen Testers. Standard SLAs.


2x Pen Test Reports a Year by Elite Researchers and Pen Testers. Premium SLAs. Additional testing, analysis and collaboration tools included.


4x Pen Test Reports a Year by Elite Plus Researchers and Pen Testers. All benefits of Professional plus Premium Plus support, and custom integrations.

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7 Bug Bounty Myths, BUSTED

From confusion about how bug bounties work to questioning their effectiveness (and everything in between) we dug into our data to investigate the 7 Biggest Bug Bounty Myths.
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