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Pay-For-Results Pen Testing

Organizations are often forced to choose between time to test, and available talent. Without the right skills and experience, a pen test can turn into a checklist, diluting results and leaving businesses exposed to complex threats. Waiting for the perfect team could take weeks or months—a luxury today’s agile businesses can’t afford.

Platform-powered pen testing that combines pay-for-results discovery with dedicated, methodology-driven coverage

Bugcrowd Next Gen Pen Test combines dedicated, methodology-driven pen testing with intuition and skills-based discovery for 5-10x more critical findings than traditional, or non-incentivized testing. Results are immediately viewable in-platform, while our dedicated triage team validates, prioritizes, and connects critical findings directly to the tools your team needs to fix fast. Next Gen Pen Test was built for high-complexity continuous testing, and includes executive reporting, re-testing, and options for coverage analysis and premium SLAs.


How it Works


Top pen testers matched by skill and experience begin testing in under 72 hours on avg.


Real-time vuln view and platform-assisted actions helps you process findings fast.



Executive-level reporting provides in-depth analysis with actionable advice.





Stop paying for tests that don’t produce. NGPT’s incentivization model ensures value for money


24/7 Vulnerability View

Real-time results to support rolling remediation


Triage and Program Management

For rapid prioritization and continually healthy programs


Methodology + Free Form Hunting

Dedicated pen testers plus skills-matched researchers for maximum depth and breadth


Time-Boxed or Continuous

Choosing the testing style that works for your business with 24/7, or time-boxed engagements


QSAC-Assessed Pentest Report

To help meet even the strictest compliance standards

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