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Help Wanted

Attention Researchers:

So, as you may or may not know, Bugcrowd runs a large number of private programs that aren’t publicly visible. These private programs range from testing webapps, to APIs, to reverse engineering binaries/desktop apps, to network pentests, and even IoT devices!

That said, sometimes these programs need some pretty specific skill sets that may not be too common – that’s where this page comes in. Listed below are the skills sets needed for current and upcoming private programs.

If you’re looking to participate in any of our specialized programs, please fill out the Fast Track Google form – be sure to include your background, professional experience, and any evidence you can provide to showcase your skills and education (as well as any relevant links, etc). By providing detailed information, it will help us match you to programs based on your preference and skillset, where you can be successful!

Please note, if you don’t provide detailed information you will not be considered for private program invites. Additionally, filling out this form provides no guarantee that you will be added to private programs.

Once we are able to review your information, if we feel you are a good match, we will send you a private program invite when we have a program that matches your skillset and background.



Program Specific Skills:

  • Methodology Driven Penetration Testing
  • API
  • Embedded devices (IoT/printers/WiFi-enabled-toasters/etc)
  • iOS
  • AWS Certifications (Solutions Architect, etc)
  • Reverse Engineering/Binary Analysis
  • Blockchain/Smart Contracts
  • Recon
  • WAF/RASP bypasses (added 6/24/19)


Additionally, Bugcrowd has a number of private bounty programs that require researchers who have successfully completed a criminal background check. If you are interested in opting into be background checked (this is completely optional and choosing not to opt-in will not in any way affect your standing in the Crowd), please note this when completing the Fast Track Google form.

If you’re interested in any of the above, please fill out the form here (and remember to be as thorough as possible when filling out the form!). Good luck and happy hunting!

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