Inside the Mind of a Hacker

At Bugcrowd, we see it as part of our responsibility to understand and support the security research community, and it is our hope that by exposing the broader audience to the nuance and diversity present in this community, we can help grow the overall market opportunity for researchers all over the world. While we don’t see this as an all-inclusive report on the security researcher community, we do believe this an exciting first look at bug bounty hunters, some of their motivations, and the factors in play when they choose the bug bounty programs they work on.

The security research and bug hunting community is made up of a group of diverse, skilled and knowledgeable individuals.

In this report we…

  • Highlight a few specific bug hunters in the global Bugcrowd community
  • Examine different motivations of different types of bug hunters
  • Provide ‘action items’ for program owners to tap into different segments of researchers and the security research community as a whole

Download the Report: