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Qualys Integration

Applications offer hackers a convenient entry point into your IT environment. When breached, they can expose massive amounts of confidential business data. Bugcrowd and Qualys bring together the efficiency of automated web application scanning with the expertise and creativity of the world’s largest professional researcher community in one integrated solution.

Key Benefits:

Expeditious Vulnerability Detection 

  • Detect application security issues instantly
  • Resolve application security issues rapidly

Efficient Vulnerability Management 

  • Get a profound level of testing coverage
  • Save time, money and resources when streamlined

Why This Integration Works

The bi-direcitonal integration allows you to import vulnerability scan data from Qualys WAS directly into the Bugcrowd Crowdcontrol platform, simplifying the vulnerability identifciation process. Conversely, you can import Bugcrowd-sourced vulnerabilities into Qualys WAS, giving you the ability to easily manage vulnerabilities and quickly remediate.  Download the Qualys Integration PDF below to learn more.

Download PDF

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