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Bugcrowd for Secure Marketplaces

Continuous security for marketplace owners, apps, and customers

The Marketplace Dilemma

The purchasing model for applications and services is changing. Large organizations need low-touch ways to increase adoption of new services, while small applications are hungry to expand market awareness and reduce time to buy. Marketplaces help organizations on both ends of the spectrum reach new audiences for maximum impact at minimum cost. But while centralized purchase points can win consumer favor, they can also quickly jeopardize consumer trust if not secured appropriately. How do organizations scale security without compounding cost?

How Bugcrowd Delivers Security at Scale

Bugcrowd for Secure Marketplaces is the only end-to-end fully managed solution specifically designed for marketplaces needing continuous security testing and vulnerability management for hosted applications. We provide rapid onboarding, ensure the right security researchers for every unique program, and help each application manage and integrate high priority vulnerabilities into their existing security testing lifecycle. Find faster, fix faster.

Our bug bounty program with Bugcrowd has allowed us to leverage the collective expertise of the security industry to build better products and raise awareness around cybersecurity and safe practices. With Bugcrowd for Secure Marketplaces, we’re excited to extend those efforts to a very important part of our business: the Atlassian Marketplace.”

– Adrian Ludwig, CISO at Atlassian

Key Value Points for Marketplace Owners


360° View of Your Marketplace Security

Individual program health visibility, and on-demand reporting and industry benchmarking


Fully Managed Team for Your Marketplace

Fully managed crowdsourced security programs with expert researchers and pen testers peronalized to every engagement.


Industry-Defining Workflow Automation

Purpose-built methodologies to meet the ever-changing requirements of dynamic marketplace environments and applications.

Key Value Points for Marketplace Applications

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