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Another Day

Date : May 21, 2022

Your Presence Is Requested at Levelup0x08!

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it:
Gather intel for H.A.C.K. (Heroic Agents Clacking Keyboards) Agency by attending LevelUp0x08 – a free online hacking conference hosted on Bugcrowd’s Streamyard on May 21st!

Leaders in the hacking and crowdsourced security space will be presenting cutting-edge information on cybersecurity and bug bounties with strategies, and research to help their fellow Agents develop new skills.

All you need to complete your mission is a computer and an internet connection that can support streaming video – there’s no charge, and no need to travel!

Topics will include:

  • Demystifying bugs commonly found in cryptocurrency
  • The weak seams in-between web2 to web3
  • Automagic Salesforce object data recon using a custom Burp Suite extension
  • Tips on how to go from a junior to a manager in the cybersecurity industry
  • Tactics and techniques in hacking financial services and FinTech apps and APIs

To confirm your mission, register with your email address. We’ll follow up with a full briefing on your mission in the next few weeks. In the meantime, remember to join our Discord, and check out our last LevelUp!

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