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The Rise of Crowdsourced Security

In cybersecurity, outsmarting adversaries requires a human-powered approach that can’t be replaced by AI or automation. But the ongoing skills shortage is causing security leaders to look to disruptive approaches like crowdsourcing the discovery of critical hidden vulnerabilities. In this EM360 podcast hosted by IT-Harvest Chief Research Analyst Richard Stiennon, hear Bugcrowd Founder, Chairman, and CTO Casey Ellis talk about the growing need and use cases for crowdsourced cybersecurity, and the critical, positive role of ethical hackers in the cybersecurity ecosystem.
Tune in to hear:
  • Why vulnerability disclosure is now table stakes in cybersecurity strategy and how to think about policy
  • Why collaborating with external researchers makes all the difference between being on offense and defense in cybersecurity
  • How to take a “crawl, walk, run” approach to crowdsourced security
  • How “bug hunters” evolve into “researchers” across their careers
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