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2019 Edition

Your Guide to the Healthcare Threat Landscape

The State of Healthcare Cybersecurity

With increased technology adoption and migration to the cloud, attack surfaces are growing in the healthcare space. But while each new healthcare technology offers immense value to patients, it also brings unique cybersecurity risks. Standards like ISO/IEC 800001 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework are pushing healthcare IT to make change. As healthcare continues to move into the digital age, effective cybersecurity measures are crucial for operational resiliency.

Crowdsourced security helps healthcare organizations uncover 10X more critical vulnerabilities than traditional security assessment methods. Employing a crowdsourced cybersecurity approach, healthcare security teams can gain the resources needed to scale, secure, and unlock the full benefits that healthcare technology brings. With Bugcrowd’s help, healthcare IT and security teams have more time to focus efforts on big picture compliance and protection strategies while mitigating the risk of the next big attack.

Download the guide and find out:

  • The cybersecurity challenges in healthcare
  • The healthcare cybersecurity landscape
  • The impact of crowdsourced security on healthcare organizations

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