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Next Gen Pen Test &
Classic Pen Test Compliance Applicability Review
2020 Edition

Schellman’s review of Bugcrowd’s Pen Test offerings

Crowd-powered Vulnerability Discovery with Audit-ready Reporting

Penetration tests are an integral part of compliance initiatives like PCI-DSS and SOC 2, but not all security testing methods meet audit requirements. To ensure Bugcrowd’s Pen Test portfolio directly supports our customer’s unique compliance initiatives, we asked Schellman & Company, a certified QSAC, to formally review our Next Gen Pen Test and Classic Pen Test solutions for compliance applicability. Schellman assessed:

  • Alignment with industry standards
  • Service options
  • Testing methodology
  • Researcher and pen tester selection
  • Compliance requirement coverage

If you’re looking at pen test compliance or evaluating different pen testing tools, this is a report you don’t want to miss.

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