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5 Critical Security Issues for 2017

Over the past twelve months we’ve witnessed a shift in how companies are tackling their application security challenges. Join a CISO, an AppSec guru, and IoT security expert to hear industry leading perspectives on the trends that have emerged over the past year, and what to look forward to in the next.

Our all-star panel of industry experts includes Jeremiah Grossman, Founder of WhiteHat Security and Chief of Security Strategy with SentinelOne, Daniel Miessler, Project Leader: OWASP IoT Security Project and Richard Rushing, CISO at Motorola Mobility, for a discussion on what trends every security professional needs to be aware of for 2017.

The critical trends you need to know about will include:
1. How crowdsourcing security assessment will improve pen testing in 2017
2. Why IOT security is becoming every CISO’s problem
3. How will AI and Machine Learning impact protecting your company’s fate?

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