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Bugcrowd Acquires Informer to Enhance Offerings Across Attack Surface Management and Penetration Testing
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See Bugcrowd EASM in action

Bugcrowd External Attack Surface Management (EASM; formerly Informer EASM) offers a complete, accurate view of your external risk exposure. It continuously scans and maps your digital footprint – including web domains, subdomains, IPs, and cloud services – and tracks changes over time, providing valuable intelligence for enhanced human-driven testing on our platform.

With Bugcrowd EASM you can:

  • Discover and map all assets, known or unknown
  • Find and prioritize low-level vulnerabilities
  • Continuously track and get alerts about changes and new risks
  • Reduce Mean Time to Remediation
The Fortune 500 finds more critical vulnerabilities with Bugcrowd