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Posts by Jason Haddix

First Update to our Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy

vrt-2.pngOver a month ago, Bugcrowd published its Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy (VRT). We created the VRT to expose the community to common technical priority ratings for certain classes of bugs. Since its release, we have received a tremendous amount of feedback.


Based on this feedback, we have divided the Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) entries to provide additional granularity that captures priority variations for XSS within applications with multiple user privilege levels.

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Finding An InfoSec Job

A lot of organizations out there are looking talented hackers right now. Defense, offense, Ops, Dev, you name it, if you have skills then someone is probably looking for you! The problem doesn’t seem to be the *need* but a concise way to finding/getting these positions. Here are a few notes and resources we love for helping connect awesome researchers with awesome companies (it’s kinda a thing we do here).

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