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Bugcrowd Acquires Informer to Enhance Offerings Across Attack Surface Management and Penetration Testing
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Innovate with total confidence

In today’s dynamic threat environment, proactive cybersecurity is hard to achieve. Yet it’s crucial for accelerating innovation. Bugcrowd has your back.


Level the playing field

Security teams in tech companies are badly outnumbered by bad actors skilled at exploiting vulnerabilities. The Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform™ helps you avoid being blindsided by precisely bringing the right security researchers and deep insights about industry-specific vulnerabilities into your existing workflows.

  • Find critical vulns other approaches miss
  • Use a layered strategy and multi-solution platform
  • Augment your team with elite security researchers

Run in the cloud without worry

Distributed architectures are now the standard, so stringent security controls on cloud-related vulnerabilities in apps and services are not optional. The Bugcrowd Platform’s blend of automated workflows, rich security knowledge, and human talent dramatically reduces cloud risk.


Keep IoT devices secure

The number of connected IoT devices is soaring, vastly expanding attack surfaces. These devices lack essential security safeguards, making them prime attack vectors. Penetration Testing as a Service and Bug Bounty solutions from Bugcrowd incentivize elite, trusted security researchers to find critical security flaws in devices that no one else can.


Integrate security into DevOps

The transition to DevOps is in full swing in the Technology sector, so vulnerability remediation must be as continuous as the development lifecycle itself. With Bugcrowd, vulnerability findings integrate directly into security and development processes and tools, making it easy to fix validated vulnerabilities quickly and early.

“Multiplying the specialization of a single bounty hunter by the size of the crowd creates a capability that just can’t be replicated by individual organizations.”
Daniel Grzelak, Head of Security, Atlassian
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State of the Industry Report: Tech

Our Technology Industry Report focuses on vulnerability trends as reflected by growing security researcher activity on our platform last year, including submission volume, severity and type.

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