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Scale security across your marketplace apps

Adoption and revenue for marketplace platform providers is growing through the roof. Driving this are consumer benefits like centralized accessibility to goods and services, as well as enhanced trust and security. But scaling that security across hundreds of apps is tough and expensive.

Protecting all your apps


“Transparency is core to building trust between Atlassian and our customers. For two years, our bug bounty program with Bugcrowd has allowed us to leverage the collective expertise of the security industry to build better products and raise awareness around cybersecurity and safe practices. With Bugcrowd for Marketplaces, we’re excited to extend those efforts to a very important part of our business: the Atlassian Marketplace.”

Adrian Ludwig, CISO at Atlassian


Harnessing the Most Trusted Researchers to  Protect Your Most Valuable Assets – Your Customers


Quality, impact, coverage, and trust – harness the power of human creativity


An all-in-one, intelligent platform for simplified vulnerability reporting and solution management.



Industry-leading operations team with experience in enterprise security and hacker community engagement.



Many marketplaces enforce rigorous security assessments as a gate to entry, but nearly an equal number fail to effectively monitor changes after admittance.

Bugcrowd for Secure Marketplaces provides continuous crowdsourced security testing for every application in the app store, without the management overhead.

Marketplaces or app stores owners get access to fully-managed crowdsourced security programs with expert security researchers and pen testers personalized to every engagement through Bugcrowd’s CrowdMatch technology. With tailored methodology-driven assessments and tableau-integrated dashboards, marketplace owners can meet requirements as well as monitor program success.

Applications gain a number of unique benefits including faster acceptance into the marketplace, subsidized access to the Crowd and Bugcrowd’s all-in-one platform, Crowdcontrol, dedicated program support, and ongoing program health checks. Bugcrowd’s SDLC integrations and remediation advice help security and development teams fix vulnerabilities faster and build better.

Bugcrowd’s Crowd of skilled, trusted security researchers have access to some of the top crowdsourced security programs, providing a wide variety of targets. Bugcrowd for Secure Marketplaces expands on that list by encouraging new applications to launch programs.

Our world-class support teams ensure our Crowd is set up for success every step of the way. Bugcrowd prides itself in providing financial opportunity as well as opportunities for education and community building.

Marketplaces and app stores are made to customize and extend the tools you use, however, most of the apps are created by third-parties. Marketplaces have very little control over the continuous security of all the applications, thus leaving users at risk.

Apps through the program also receive a “Secured by Bugcrowd” badge for their storefront, demonstrating to users that active security is a top priority.


In this webinar, CSO David Baker will discuss best practices for going from oh sh*t to fixed and will provide real world examples of organizations that have avoided the financial and reputational cost of a breach.

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Crowdsource human intelligence at scale to discover high-risk vulnerabilities faster.


Take a proactive, pay-for-results approach by actively engaging with the Crowd.


Meet compliance and reduce risk with a framework to receive vulnerabilities.

Attack Surface

Find, prioritize, and manage more of your unknown attack surface.


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