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Assessing Cybersecurity Risk for Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions hold some of the largest collections of sensitive, private, and valuable information in the world. Their records are useful for conducting identity theft and fraud, leaving no financial system or application safe from attack.

Protecting financial assets and personal data


“A bug bounty program really provides an additional layer to help protect our customers. It puts things in perspective when you have a channel to collect this information.”

David Levin, Western Union


Harnessing the Most Trusted Researchers to Protect Your Most Valuable Assets – Your Customers


Quality, impact, coverage, and trust – harness the power of human creativity.


An all-in-one, intelligent platform for simplified vulnerability reporting and solution management.



Industry-leading operations team with experience in enterprise security and hacker community engagement.



Financial services has been one of the most heavily targeted industries for years. Bugcrowd leverages a global Crowd of elite hackers and pen testers to find vulnerabilities before the adversaries. Combine that with a powerful platform that can streamline the remediation, management, and reporting, and you have a full cybersecurity team on your side.

Financial institutions must assume the risk associated with mobile banking. These risks come in many forms, including malware, corrupt apps, flawed authentication, lost or stolen devices, and more. Bugcrowd helps you identify the risks before cyber thieves can exploit them.

Protect valuable assets and maintain trust by more quickly detecting unauthorized transactions, fraud, or money laundering. Bugcrowd’s Elite Crowd can help you uncover complex, creative vulnerabilities that a standard vulnerability scanner or traditional pen test cannot.

With the rise of bitcoin, cryptocurrency has become an an obvious target, attracting thieves on a global scale. Bugcrowd incentivizes thousands of whitehat hackers to surface critical vulnerabilities fast, to scale and secure your online currency.

999 +

Total Vulnerabilities

$ 999

Average Payout for Severe Vulnerabilities

999 %

Signal to Noise Ratio

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State of Financial Services Cybersecurity

Bugcrowd leverages a global Crowd of trusted, vetted, experienced hackers and pen testers to find vulnerabilities inside financial systems before the adversaries. Combine that with a powerful, intelligent platform that can streamline the remediation, management and compliance reporting process, and you have a full cybersecurity team on your side.
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Resource Tile - Financial Services Cybersecurity

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Crowdsource human intelligence at scale to discover high-risk vulnerabilities faster.


Take a proactive, pay-for-results approach by actively engaging with the Crowd.

Vulnerability Disclosure

Meet compliance and reduce risk with a framework to receive vulnerabilities.

Attack Surface

Find, prioritize, and manage more of your unknown attack surface.

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The Priority One Report provides an inside look into crowdsourced security trends in 2021, as well as a deep dive…

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