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Security that’s always a step ahead

At Bugcrowd, we see security not as a defensive tactic, but as continual, proactive protection for your expanding digital attack surface.


Faster and more accurate

Bugcrowd’s unique approach to security unleashes the collective ingenuity of the hacker community via the industry’s most advanced platform to deliver unmatched value.

72 hrs

The average time to set up and launch a Bugcrowd pen test


Increase in high-impact vulnerabilities found versus alternatives


Our success rate for meeting service level objectives

Differences that make all the difference

Smarter security

  • Data-driven automation and analytics powered by a decade of experience and research (Security Knowledge Graph)
  • The industry’s most modern, flexible, cost-effective Security Knowledge PlatformTM
  • CrowdMatchTM curates and identifies security researchers for your exact requirements

Faster time to results

  • The ability to on board and launch programs in days, not weeks
  • Real-time visibility into pen test progress and results
  • Seamless integration of findings with top SDLC workflow tools

Focused and flexible

  • Built-in engineered triage service rapidly vets and prioritizes ongoing findings 
  • Coverage for the broadest spectrum of use cases and digital assets 
  • SaaS platform gives you the ability to scale as your needs expand
How it works


Reduce risk


Increase security ROI


Access expert talent


Innovate faster

Our platform is a game changer

One platform. Many use cases.

At the heart of every Bugcrowd solution is our Security Knowledge Platform. Over a decade in the making, we’ve engineered a modern, agile, security intelligence engine with automated workflows to streamline every aspect of continual testing for virtually every digital asset class and security use case.

  • Uniquely intelligent

    We analyze knowledge from every program about assets, targets, vulnerabilities, environments, and remediation steps to achieve the best outcomes.

  • Top talent at your fingertips

    Our CrowdMatch technology precisely matches the right trusted security researchers to your goals, timelines, and use cases.

  • Workflow that works faster

    Issues are discovered, validated, and triaged quickly, allowing you to assess, prioritize, and remediate issues as fast as possible.

  • Seamless integrations

    As results and recommendations are prioritized, they’re integrated with your SDLC so products and APIs can be continuously tested.

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Why “Crowd” is in our name

Outsmarting legions of attackers takes ethical experts who think like hackers. And this is why Bugcrowd has curated and vetted hundreds of thousands of highly specialized cybersecurity researchers—matching the right researchers with the right experience to the right use cases, at the right time—enabling customers to find, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities at unprecedented scale and speed.

  • Unmatched control

    Crowdsourced vulnerability testing is proven and now mainstream. We lead the industry in safely managing these elite researchers without compromise.

  • Focused and motivated

    Our proprietary CrowdMatch technology utilizes Machine Learning models and data to find elite ethical hackers and help motivate them with pay-to-perform incentives.

  • We research each researcher

    We background check—qualitatively and quantitatively—skill sets, availability, and track record. And our Q&A specialists monitor all researcher results.

  • No talent shortage here

    As the leading crowdsourced security solution, we always have expert talent available. You don’t have to wait until elite resources free up to protect your digital assets.

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Customers see the difference

Switching to a managed program with Bugcrowd reduced our required time and effort by 80%—allowing us to focus on what matters most.
Johnathan Hunt, VP, Information Security, InVision
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Let’s build a more secure future

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