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Bugcrowd Acquires Informer to Enhance Offerings Across Attack Surface Management and Penetration Testing
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Engineered triage

The industry’s best triage experience for customers and hackers


Less noise and better results from crowdsourced security

We equip a global, in-house team with a powerful toolbox to validate and prioritize vulnerability submissions fast – even during large-scale incidents


Ruthless noise reduction

Our platform efficiently filters out false positives and duplicates – typically achieving a signal-to-noise rate of at least 95%, with some engagements reaching 100% soon after launch


Best-in-class speed & scale

Unlike providers that can leave submissions untouched for weeks, we triage high-impact vulnerabilities within hours or days, with “follow-the-sun” tracking for critical issues


Clarity and consistency

For consistent outcomes, we’ve standardized (and in some cases, automated) triage workflows to ensure prompt, clear, and detailed communication between all parties


Rigorous QA backed by learning

We do thorough, continual QA checks across the triage process to meet the highest standards for accuracy and communication. And when there’s a mistake, we make it right

Triage is our core competency

Unlike alternates that treat triage like an afterthought, Bugcrowd meet stringent service level objectives for triage response more than 99% of the time (premium SLA plans also available).

1 Day

Avg TIme to Touch for Critical Vulns

2 Days

Ave Total Triage Time for Critical Vulns

3 Days

Avg Time to Touch for Noncritical Vulns

4 Days

Avg Total Triage Time for Noncritical Vulns

Team & Toolbox

The best triage talent, amplified

Our global team (11 countries of presence) of in-house triage engineers are hackers themselves, with deep specializations in Web apps, mobile apps, APIs, Hardware/IoT, AI, and Crypto. We augment them with a sophisticated workflow engine, automated workflows, and other tools to ensure that submissions land with the right people for rapid response globally. Dedicated Slack channels are available for real-time communication with the team.

Security Knowledge Graph

Unmatched vulnerability intelligence

Vulnerability insights derived from our Security Knowledge Graph – containing 10+ years of data about vulnerabilities, asset risk, technologies, and hacker skills – enables rapid, accurate triage at any scale. This rich historical knowledge also makes remediation advice highly contextual and useful.

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