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Uncover data bias for smooth AI adoption

Deploy LLM applications with confidence by finding and remediating hidden bias through crowd-powered QA.


AI Safety begins with bias-free applications

Government agencies and enterprises adopting Large Language Models (LLM) seek confidence that this revolutionary but very new technology can be onboarded safely and productively. Bugcrowd AI Bias Assessments are private, time-bound engagements that activate trusted, 3rd-party security researchers (aka a “crowd”) to identify and prioritize data bias flaws, so you can QA and deploy LLM apps confidently and productively.


Uncover common bias-related flaws

AI Bias Assessments help uncover symptoms of multiple issues, including Representation Bias, Pre-existing Bias, Algorithmic Bias, and General Skewing. Findings are validated and prioritized so you know what to fix first.


Count on a complete, managed solution

All engagements include scoping, severity definition, rewards structure, crowd curation and communications, submissions intake, engineered triage, managed payments, and reporting.


Pay for impact, not effort

Rewards are based on the severity of the finding, so researchers are incentivized to look for high-impact data bias issues – and it’s easy to link your investment in the engagement to ROI.


Assess multiple types of models

AI Bias Assessments are equally effective on implementations of open source (LLaMA, Bloom, etc.) and private models, as well as on trained and pre-trained (foundation) ones.

Ultimate Guide to AI Security

Ultimate Guide to AI Security

With AI use increasing rapidly and governments around the world implementing AI regulations, security leaders and their teams must make the effort to understand AI security immediately. This report covers everything you need to know to be prepared to bolster AI security in 2024.

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We help you find vulnerabilities and resolve them

“We are strongly committed to ensuring that the DoD’s AI-enabled systems—and the contexts in which they run—are safe, secure, reliable, and bias free.”
Department of Defense (DoD) Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO)
Practicing What We Preach

Don’t get blindsided by attacks

The Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform helps you continuously find and fix critical vulnerabilities that other approaches miss.

V ulnerability Disclosure Bug Bounty P en T est as a Service A ttack Surface Management

Working as an extension of the Bugcrowd Platform, our global team of security engineers rapidly validates and triages submissions, with P1s often handled within hours

The platform integrates workflows with your existing tools and processes to ensure that applications and APIs are continuously tested before they ship

We match you with the right trusted security researchers for your needs and environment across hundreds of dimensions using machine learning

Our platform applies accumulated knowledge, from over a decade of experience with 1000s of customer solutions, to your assets and goals to optimize outcomes

Built-in security workflows streamline program on-boarding, promote customer and researcher communication, and expedite vulnerability triage, validation, and remediation activities

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