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Social Engineering for Penetration Testing

Unsure about your social engineering risk? Run a specialized pen test, powered by SocialProof Security, to assess your risk.


Social Engineering is a constant threat

Social Engineering is among the most common attack vectors, but many organizations are unsure how they would fare in an actual social engineering attack scenario. Running a specialized pen test is the only way to assess how your org will respond to common, real-world, human-based threats. It’s also the recommended follow-up to our Social Engineering prevention training and workshops in order to validate their impact.



The Social Engineering Pen Test methodology can include phone, email, social media, chat/SMS, and account takeover to cover desired attack pathways.



An industry leader in Social Engineering, SocialProof Security will employ all the classic, as well as the latest, techniques to accurately assess risk.



By stressing your defenses, the Social Engineering Pen Test validates that previous training and protocol updates are working.



SocialProof Security will compile a full report and list of top mitigation recommendations to limit social engineering risk.

Pen test products

Optimized for today’s most demanding cybersecurity requirements

A Pen Test Offering for Everyone



For basic

Social Pen Tests
  • Basic methodology and regulatory compliance (e.g., PCI 6.6)
  • Basic Pen Test Report


For standard
risk management

Social Pen Tests
  • Standard methodology and regulatory compliance
  • Real-time visibility into prioritized results and checklist progress
  • Integration with SDLC
  • Standard Pen Test Report


For enhanced risk management

Web Apps, Networks, Mobile Apps, APIs, Cloud Services, IoT, Social
Everything in Standard +
  • Focused methodologies for specific regulations
  • Curated crowd: Customized geolocations, skill sets, etc.
  • Access to Solution Architect
  • Retesting
  • Internal Targets
  • Enhanced Pen Test Report


For maximum risk management

Web Apps, Networks, Mobile Apps, APIs, Cloud Services, IoT, Social
Everything in Plus +
  • Choice of continuous or time-bound testing
  • Incentivized/gamified testing model

Every Bugcrowd PTaaS solution includes:


Fast, Scalable Tests

Launch tests in days, not weeks. Findings flow directly into your dev and security processes for rapid remediation.


Higher impact results

Meet and surpass compliance goals and go beyond them when needed by incentivizing pentesters for results. (See Sample Report)


Deep configurability

Count on a pentester team built for your precise needs, and mix-and-match test types, methodologies, durations, and models.


Real-Time visibility

View findings and pentester progress through the methodology checklist in real time via the Bugcrowd Platform’s rich PTaaS Dashboard.


Experienced. Proven. Trusted.

SocialProof Security is one of the best investments that can be made to help educate and test your teams about the risks of social engineering.
Jim Daly, CIO, Diamond Credit Union
We’ve received some very interesting and unexpected traffic from a variety of researchers, and I think that kind of testing exercises our product more thoroughly than would be possible.
William Scalf, Security Architect, Softdocs
I could have called anyone to get a clean bill of health, but we called Bugcrowd because we wanted the most in-depth vetting of our security posture.
Chaim Mazal, Head of Global Information Security, ActiveCampaign

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