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Defend Against Government Cyber Attacks with the New Frontier of Cybersecurity

The U.S. and other foreign governments are under siege from both nation-states and criminal hacking groups. Take it from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) or the IRS – no one is safe anymore. Where we once fought wars on land, sea, and in the sky, we now need to consider cyber – shore it up and secure it.

Uncovering critical flaws before the adversaries


“When our adversaries carry out malicious attacks, they don’t hold back and aren’t afraid to be creative. Expanding our crowdsourced security work allows us to build a deeper bench of tech talent and bring more diverse perspectives to protect and defend our assets.”

Chris Lynch, Director of the Defense Digital Service


Harnessing the Most Trusted Researchers to  Protect Your Most Valuable Assets – Your Customers


Quality, impact, coverage, and trust – harness the power of human creativity


An all-in-one, intelligent platform for simplified vulnerability reporting and solution management.



Industry-leading operations team with experience in enterprise security and hacker community engagement.



Securing sensitive information for millions of government systems, employees, and contractors is no easy task. Bugcrowd connects federal agencies to the largest database of trusted and experienced security experts to help uncover critical vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Government systems, both internal and external, hold highly sensitive data. Bugcrowd enables government agencies to robustly test and proactively assure the security, scale, and performance of their networks and communications on a continuous basis.

Critical infrastructure failures can be devastating. The hacking of these systems is amongst the most serious security issues facing infrastructure network operators and governments. Bugcrowd supports specialized field assessments to identify obscure vulnerabilities and their cascading impact on critical infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Ventures estimates there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021, up from 1 million openings last year. With growing attack surfaces and creative cyber adversaries, there aren’t enough defenders to go around. Bugcrowd levels the playing field, augmenting government security teams with an army of crowdsourced cyber defenders.

With the advent of the new National Cybersecurity Strategy and new standards like NIST, all government organizations will soon be mandated to have a vulnerability disclosure program, which encourages security practitioners to build relationships with the hacker community. To effectively shore up and secure the fourth frontier, cyber, Bugcrowd harnesses the Crowd.


What Security Leaders Should Know About Hackers

Cybersecurity isn’t a technology problem, it’s a people problem. From aspiring hackers to seasoned security professionals—the whitehat hacker community is a group of allies ready and willing to join the fight. With cybercrime expected to more than triple over the next five years, we need this whitehat community to help combat this threat at scale.
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Meet compliance and reduce risk with a framework to receive vulnerabilities.


Take a proactive, pay-for-results approach by actively engaging with the Crowd.

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Pen Test

Crowdsource human intelligence at scale to discover high-risk vulnerabilities faster.


Put your security teams in the same room with the world’s top hackers.

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Priority One Report

The Priority One Report provides an inside look into crowdsourced security trends in 2019, as well as a deep dive into emerging and critical vulnerabilities found over the previous year.

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