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Bugcrowd Acquires Informer to Enhance Offerings Across Attack Surface Management and Penetration Testing
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Healthcare cybersecurity needs emergency care

Ransomware and malware make proactive cybersecurity in healthcare critical. Bugcrowd helps defend healthcare organizations against attacks on hospital systems, patient apps and infrastructure.


Stay ahead of attackers

Digital transformation improves healthcare outcomes and efficiency. However, it also increases healthcare cybersecurity risks. The Bugcrowd Platform helps you avoid being blindsided by precisely bringing the right security researchers and deep insights about healthcare-specific vulnerabilities into your existing workflows.

  • Identify hidden, critical vulnerabilities
  • Meet and exceed compliance goals (e.g., HIPAA)
  • Slam the door on ransomware

Reduce risk in IoT healthcare devices

For all their benefits, IoT-based medical devices lack essential security safeguards, which makes them prime targets for threat actors. With the Bugcrowd Platform, you can quickly identify, verify, prioritize, and remediate the vulnerabilities in IoT assets, so you can deploy life-enhancing healthtech safely and with confidence.


Protect cloud infrastructure

Cloud adoption is driving long-needed digital transformation across the industry. But cloud migrations carry inherent risks, especially when sensitive patient data is involved. Bugcrowd Cloud Penetration Tests help you uncover and remediate healthcare cybersecurity risks fast.


Streamline compliance

Compliance is increasingly difficult to achieve. Through comprehensive pen test methodologies, coverage analysis, and reporting, the Bugcrowd Platform streamlines that process across diverse medical devices, data sources, and infrastructure. 

“The advantage of having crowdsourced security as part of our program is the continuous testing. Security researchers can actually spend time testing to find critical flaws, rather than being time bound in a traditional pen test."
Ben Waugh, Chief Security Officer, Redox

Priority One Report

Our Priority One Report focuses on vulnerability trends across industries, reflecting growing security researcher activity on our platform, including submission volume, severity and type.

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