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We celebrate diversity and inclusion


What we believe

We believe in recruiting diverse talent to create a thriving organization and community. We also believe that when people feel respected and included, they can be more creative, innovative, and successful. Cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture is not just good for business, it’s simply the right thing to do.

We support and empower our community to be authentic and we are committed to creating an empathetic and safe place where all feel valued and appreciated. This is rooted in our core belief that if we take care of our global community of employees, contractors and security researchers, they’ll take care of our customers. When we do this successfully, we open our minds to new ways of working and thinking.

Bugcrowd is built on the principle that it “takes a crowd” to make the digitally connected world safer, and that an army of allies is needed to outsmart and overcome the army of adversaries who threaten our digital wellbeing. It’s not just a product principle of ours, it starts within our own team.
Casey Ellis, Founder, Chairperson, and CTO

What we're doing

We’re on a journey to hire and develop people from Underrepresented Groups — Women, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Multiracial, LGBTQ+, People with Disabilities and Veterans — and to create a company that’s as diverse as the countries in which we work and live. Our goal is to continue to improve our numbers and build a more diverse workforce and a culture of inclusion. Measuring our ongoing performance helps us achieve meaningful change.

Hacker Data 2021

We are proud to say our growing crowd of security researchers spans 61 countries and more than 19 occupation types across the globe. Bugcrowd security researchers – also known as ethical hackers – make up one of the most diverse and multifaceted industries around the world. These digital natives are not only eclectic in their ethnicities, educations, and occupations; they are also neurodiverse (21%), multigenerational, and worth understanding more fully than ever before. To learn more about the diversity and backgrounds of our Crowd, please read our latest report, “Inside the Mind of a Hacker 2021.”

We’re passionate about creating a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging and we’ll continue to make progress and hold ourselves accountable to our community. 

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What you can do

Bring yourself. We believe that the ability to bring your full self to work enables you to do your best work - because our strength lies in our differences. We hope you’ll join us and help us continue building a team diverse in people, ideas, and experience.

Bugcrowd Employee Resource Groups (BERGs)

BERGs are employee-led and company-supported groups of team members from underrepresented and/or special interest groups, who join together in the workplace based on shared characteristics, life experiences, or initiatives. BERGs are generally based on creating a community of support and belonging; enhancing career development of their members; focusing on key Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives; and contributing to the development of a more inclusive culture at Bugcrowd. Our BERGs include:

  • Family/Parents Group
  • SHE (Ladybugs)
  • Bugcrowd Gives Back
  • Bugcrowd Mentor Match
  • QuiltBags
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