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Attack Surface Management

The Hacker’s Advantage
Crowd-powered asset discovery, prioritization, and management

Do You Know Your Attack Surface As Well As Your Attackers?

Bugcrowd’s Attack Surface Management is the first solution of its kind to match the effort and scale of attackers with the ingenuity and impact of trusted attack-minded defenders for the most organic assessment of real risk possible. Find. Prioritize. Action. Welcome to the Hacker’s Advantage.

You Have More Assets Than You Think

While scanners help you find what attackers knew yesterday, Hackers help you find what they know today.

Rank according to real risk

Live hackers plus data from over 1200 managed programs feeds rapid platform attribution and prioritization.

Don’t Just Find More, Do More

Seamless migration to Bug Bounty or Next Gen Pen Test programs for targeted testing and continuous coverage.

Product Introduction : Attack Surface Management

Digital transformation and the sudden growth of cloud and SaaS solutions has created seemingly insurmountable IT sprawl, challenging organizations to effectively map their entire attack surface before malicious compromise. While traditional asset discovery solutions provide…

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Attack Surface Management Features

Visibility and Risk Reduction

See your entire attack surface

Leverage a global network of uniquely skilled hackers incentivized to find forgotten or missed assets exactly as an attacker would, for the most organic approach to risk reduction possible.


Comprehensive risk profiling

Customizable platform reporting with full risk profile, method for attribution, as well as recommendations for securing identified assets, packaged and ready for executive review.

Migration to Active Testing

Don’t just find more, do more

Seamlessly migrate identified assets into new or existing Bug Bounty or Next Gen Pen Test programs to further reduce risk in assets you want to maintain.

How it Works

Bugcrowd Attack Surface Management enables organizations to quickly find, prioritize, and act upon previously unknown assets before they’re discovered by malicious attackers.


Bugcrowd selects the right security researchers from a global network of vetted white hat hackers.


Platform-powered workflows augment and expedite complex reconnaissance strategies.


Mapping and

Reduce noise with intelligent attribution to see only the assets that really belong to you.



Data from 1200+ programs help determine true risk of exploitation.



Risk-ranked reporting with attribution method and proposed next steps.


People for a People Problem

If the best defense is a good offense, you’ll need a longer bench.

The introduction of cloud and SaaS offerings has caused seemingly insurmountable IT sprawl- with a third of successful attacks occurring via unmanaged or virtually unknown assets (Gartner). While organizations struggle to restore their “Defender’s Advantage,” we believe it’s time to flip the equation. Bugcrowd’s Attack Surface Management is the first solution to drastically reduce unknown attack surface using crowd-enabled, platform-powered reconnaissance and attribution workflows.

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