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Bugcrowd Acquires Informer to Enhance Offerings Across Attack Surface Management and Penetration Testing
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Find, map, and secure digital assets before attackers strike

You can’t protect assets you can’t see. View them the way attackers do, understand risk exposure, and amplify the impact of human-driven testing.


Bugcrowd has acquired Informer. See our announcement for details.

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Discover. Prioritize. Act.

Bugcrowd External Attack Surface Management (EASM; formerly Informer EASM) offers a complete, accurate view of your external risk exposure. It continuously scans and maps your digital footprint – including web domains, subdomains, IPs, and cloud services – and tracks changes over time, providing valuable intelligence for enhanced human-driven testing.

Bugcrowd EASM is complemented by our ASM Risk offering, which engages hackers with elite recon skills to discover and prioritize asset risk and packages results in an Executive Report.


Map your assets

Gain an attacker perspective by discovering known and unknown assets to create a detailed map of your external attack surface.


Monitor for changes

Continuously scan your applications and infrastructure to detect changes and exposures that need action.


Get actionable insights

Use email alerts, customizable reports, and JIRA notifications to give stakeholders the information they need for fast remediation.


Amplify security testing impact

Combine intelligence from Bugcrowd EASM with penetration and crowdsourced testing on our platform for risk reduction and cost savings.

Discover, identify, and secure digital assets

Bugcrowd EASM uses active scanning and accesses hundreds of data sources to identify all of your digital assets in seconds, using a single seed domain as the starting point. It continuously monitors your online environment (delivering instant alerts about risks and changes), creating a complete view of your external attack surface.

Add your cloud services to scope

Bugcrowd EASM helps you keep up with fast-changing cloud environments, where new resources are created and deleted frequently. Easily connect to your AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud infrastructure with a few clicks to get real-time insights about your externally facing assets – including load balancers, app engines, and data stores.

Find, manage, and prioritize risk

With Bugcrowd EASM, you can continuously scan your assets for over 40,000 application and infrastructure vulnerabilities. Schedule scans based on risk exposure – daily, weekly, or monthly. Each vulnerability is automatically assigned a CVSS rating so you can accurately prioritize remediation. Finally, automated regression testing validates your fixes. 


Don’t get blindsided by unknown attack vectors

The Bugcrowd Platform helps you continuously find and fix critical vulnerabilities that other approaches miss.

V ulnerability Disclosure Bug Bounty P en T est as a Service A ttack Surface Management

Working as an extension of the Bugcrowd Platform, our global team of security engineers rapidly validates and triages submissions, with P1s often handled within hours

The platform integrates workflows with your existing tools and processes to ensure that applications and APIs are continuously tested before they ship

We match you with the right trusted security researchers for your needs and environment across hundreds of dimensions using machine learning

Our platform applies accumulated knowledge, from over a decade of experience with 1000s of customer solutions, to your assets and goals to optimize outcomes

Built-in security workflows streamline program on-boarding, promote customer and researcher communication, and expedite vulnerability triage, validation, and remediation activities

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