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Vulnerability Disclosure Programs

Amplify Your Security
Practice With Bugcrowd Managed VDP

Sleep Easy with High Impact, No Overhead

Vulnerability disclosure programs (VDPs) are catching on fast. In fact, VDPs are now a requirement for all federal agencies in the U.S.—and a must have for any business today.

CISA Chooses Bugcrowd for its VDP

The Value of a VDP

A VDP amplifies your security capabilities and reduces risk many fold. With a VDP, you invite the world to report critical vulnerabilities they find. Think of it as a “neighborhood watch” program for your Internet-facing assets.

Meet Compliance

Align with NIST and GDPR best practices for accepting and managing security feedback

Save While
Reducing Risk

Leverage volunteer researchers to find vulnerabilities

Show Customers
You Care

Demonstrate security maturity with a program that customers can see


Integrate optimized security workflows with your SDLC so bugs get fixed faster

The catch to achieving these benefits? Managing a VDP at scale can be a very difficult endeavor—especially when it’s not your main business.

On the other hand, managing VDPs just happens to be our business, and no one does it better.

Because Minutes Matter

Bugcrowd facilitates hundreds of managed vulnerability disclosure programs, escalating high-priority issues within hours and averaging triage completion within one business day.


Ultimate Guide to Vulnerability Disclosure

The Ultimate Vulnerability Disclosure guide is for you to launch a successful vulnerability disclosure program (VDP).  It covers the what, why and how of a VDP.  Don’t let those vulnerabilities slow your organization down, get to them fast and move your business forward.

Download Now

Managed VDP: We Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Bugcrowd provides end-to-end management for vulnerability submission, triage, validation, SDLC integration, and remediation. In short, Bugcrowd removes virtually all the overhead for your security team so they can focus on resolving validated issues sooner.

How It Works

They Find

The Crowd reports issues through a secure disclosure channel—email, web forms or on a Bugcrowd hosted site

We Validate and Prioritize

Bugcrowd’s internal research team triages and validates all incoming submissions


You Review and Approve

You and your team review and confirm triaged submissions


We Integrate So You Fix Faster

Triaged findings are fed directly to your SDLC tools to streamline remediation


Features and Benefits

Security Best Practices

Align with NIST best practices while showing customers you care

Fully Managed Triage Included

In-house triage team validates at 95% signal-to-noise ratio, and prioritizes results


View vulnerabilities in the Bugcrowd platform as soon as they are submitted

Continuous Risk Reduction

Manage rapid development cycles with global resources and 24/7 coverage

Elite Account Management Included

Named Success Manager for end-to-end program support and health monitoring

Top Organizations Trust Bugcrowd for VDP

How Motorola Mobility Reduces Risk With Bugcrowd’s Private Bug Bounty and VDP

“With all these breaches happening around us, it becomes very easy for us to say to our executive staff, ‘Isn’t it better to know vulnerabilities exist before we get exploited by the bad guys?’ VDP gives us not only actionable insights to stay ahead of the adversaries, but also peace-of-mind.”

Richard Rushing, CISO, Motorola Mobility

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