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Vulnerability Disclosure Programs

Neighborhood Watch
We’ve Got Your Back

Security feedback about all of your internet-facing assets from anyone, anywhere

Bugcrowd’s fully managed vulnerability disclosure programs provide a framework to securely accept, triage, and rapidly remediate vulnerabilities submitted from the global security community.

Meet Legislative

Align with NIST best practices for accepting and managing security feedback.


Promote a positive relationship with the security researcher community.


Improve acceptance and response to security feedback.

Ultimate Guide to Vulnerability Disclosure

This report explores the strategic, legal, and social nuances of vulnerability disclosure programs (VDPs). Drawing on industry expertise and the results of a recent Bugcrowd survey, it covers: why every…

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VDP Features

Resource Tile - Risk Management

Risk Management

What’s the plan for tracking vulnerabilities found by external parties?

Un-actioned vulnerabilities put your business and customers at risk. Bugcrowd’s fully-managed VDP creates a reliable and repeatable mechanism for accepting, prioritizing, and quickly actioning vulnerabilities that may have otherwise gone unreported, or unacknowledged.

Resource Tile - Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

You’re tracking incoming submissions, now what?

Bugcrowd triages and prioritizes all submissions to help you focus on what matters most: fixing vulnerabilities.

Crowd Management

Managing vulnerabilities and relationships.

The volume of feedback received from the Crowd can be daunting, but we’re here to help. Bugcrowd receives and responds to all submissions, helping you maintain a positive relationship with the global security community.

Manage Vulnerabilities Found Across Internet-Facing Assets

How Motorola Mobility Reduces Risk With Bugcrowd’s Private Bug Bounty and VDP

“With all these breaches happening around us, it becomes very easy for us to say to our executive staff, ‘Isn’t it better to know vulnerabilities exist before we get exploited by the bad guys?’ VDP gives us not only actionable insights to stay ahead of the adversaries, but also peace-of-mind.”

Richard Rushing, CISO, Motorola Mobility

Better Results,
Powered by Crowdcontrol

Meet Your Cybersecurity Team

Much of this feedback may surface within the context of everyday use, but customers of Bugcrowd’s hosted programs typically find that valid submissions swell by 18-20x as the Crowd works to bolster their credibility and trust on the Bugcrowd platform.

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Platform Tile

Contextual Intelligence for Faster Remediation

With so much diversity in targets, understanding the severity and impact of each incoming vulnerability becomes difficult. Bugcrowd’s standardized submission frameworks and VRT helps our triage team validate, prioritize and provide accurate Remediation Advice quickly so you can focus on what matters most.

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Expertise - Tile

Dedicated Support, Expert Management

You need dedicated resources to receive and respond to vulnerability submissions. Bugcrowd provides automated status updates, manages relationships, and helps promote transparency between companies and the hacker community.

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Bugcrowd provides end-to-end management for vulnerability submission, triage, validation, SDLC integration, and remediation.


Receive Submissions

The Crowd identifies and reports issues through a secure disclosure channel.

Triage and Validation

Bugcrowd triages and validates all incoming submissions.


Submission Acceptance

You and your team review and confirm triaged submissions.


Remediation and Reporting

Integrate triaged vulnerabilities directly into SDLC with Crowdcontrol.


Build your Solution

Bugcrowd supports multiple active and passive VDP service options that will help you quickly create a robust, reliable, and repeatable framework for reducing risk across all of your internet-facing assets.



Email Intake

Collect and manage vulnerability submissions reported via email.

Embedded Submission

Embed a submission form on your website security page to collect discovered vulnerabilities.

Bugcrowd Hosted

Publicly post your VDP on Bugcrowd’s website to encourage the Crowd to actively hunt for and report vulnerabilities.

Free Guide

6 Questions to Ask Before Implementing a Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Learn about the 6 questions to ask before implementing a vulnerability disclosure program.
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