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Platform Overview


Harnessing the creativity of the Crowd to find and fix faster

Crowdcontrol’s advanced analytics and security automation connect and enhance human creativity to help you find and fix more high priority vulnerabilities, faster. From intelligent workflows to robust program performance tracking and reporting, Crowdcontrol provides the insights needed to multiply impact, measure success, and secure your business.

Our dedicated Researcher Success team utilizes a number of tools collect preference, skill, and performance metrics on every Researcher. CrowdMatch™ leverages this database to automatically match the right resource to every program.

The Researcher Workbench provides a dedicated portal and toolkit for Researchers to submit and track vulnerabilities and collaborate with customers and other researchers.

Built-in security workflows streamline program on-boarding, promote customer and researcher communication, and expedite vulnerability triage, validation, and remediation activities. JIRA and other available API integrations connect these processes to the SDLC lifecycle.

Bugcrowd has amassed a substantial hub of researcher, vulnerability, interaction, and remediation data which are each leveraged by various Crowdcontrol services to drive increasing program returns over time.

Several application services run across each of the core services pertaining to data analytics, payment processing, and vulnerability rating.

The Management Dashboard connects customers to Crowdcontrol’s Core Services to provide immediate insight into program health as well as cutomizable reporting on key program components like submission status, workflow performance, and spend metrics. Customers can also add and manage additional API integrations as required.

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Meet compliance and reduce risk with a framework to receive vulnerabilities.


Take a proactive, pay-for-results approach by actively engaging with the Crowd.

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Crowdsource human intelligence at scale to discover high-risk vulnerabilities faster.


Put your security teams in the same room with the world’s top hackers.

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