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Platform Overview

Don’t get Blindsided by
Unknown Attack Vectors

The Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform helps you continuously find critical vulnerabilities that other approaches miss

A Unique Blend of Data, Technology, and Human Intelligence

To fully secure your organization and your customers, you need to find and fill gaps in your attack surface before anyone else does. 

The Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform uniquely orchestrates data, technology, and human intelligence for more insightful and impactful Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Disclosure Programs, Bug Bounty initiatives, and Attack Surface Management testing. By tapping into a global security community, which we call the “Crowd”, you’re able to continuously find hidden risks across your growing attack surface.

Proactively defend your digital assets, reputation, and customers

V ulnerability Disclosure BugBounty P en T est as a Service A ttack Surface Management

Working as an extension of the Bugcrowd Platform, our global team of security engineers rapidly validates and triages submissions, with P1s often handled within hours

The platform integrates workflows with your existing tools and processes to ensure that applications and APIs are continuously tested before they ship

We match you with the right trusted security researchers for your needs and environment across hundreds of dimensions using machine learning

Our platform applies accumulated knowledge, from over a decade of experience with 1000s of customer solutions, to your assets and goals to optimize outcomes

Built-in security workflows streamline program on-boarding, promote customer and researcher communication, and expedite vulnerability triage, validation, and remediation activities

Key Platform Features Include:

Precise Crowd Matching with
Machine Learning

Our CrowdMatchTM Machine Learning technology precisely matches the right trusted crowd researchers to your needs and environment across hundreds of dimensions. That leads to more qualified, highly motivated hackers finding more impactful bugs.

Industry-leading Validation & Triage
at Scale

Focus on what’s important faster: Our global team of security engineers rapidly validates and triages submissions at any volume, with prioritization based on an open source, battle-tested Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy

Contextual Insights from Thousands
of Customer Solutions

All platform workflows are enhanced by insights from our rich knowledge graph of vulnerability, asset, environment, skill set, and remediation data. Combined with built-in analytics and reports, that helps continuously improve your security posture. 

Integrates With
Your World

The platform includes pre-built connectors, webhooks, and rich APIs to ensure workflows extend to your DevOps tools and development lifecycle in real time, enabling continuous “shift left” security testing.

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Managed solution for receiving public vulnerability reports


Proactive, pay-for-results vulnerability discovery


Modern Pen Testing-as-a-Service for digital businesses

Attack Surface

Crowd-powered asset discovery, prioritization, and management

Integrate with Your World

IBM Resilient

Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform

Reactive security leaves you at the mercy of ingenious attackers. Instead, learn how the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform helps you shut down hidden attack vectors by blending data, technology, and human intelligence.

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