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Posts by Luke Stephens

Spooky Bug!

BOO!  👻 If you haven't noticed, the Bugcrowd logo kind of looks like a jack-o'-lantern 🎃 , which is really convenient because it's almost Halloween. It's going to be a great Halloween, I can feel it in my bones 🦴…

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What Vuln Scanners Miss in API Testing

Luke Stephens is a father, husband, hacker, pen tester, and full-time Application Security Engineer and Quality Assurance Training Manager at Bugcrowd APIs are the interface between an organization’s most sensitive data and the end-user. And they’re everywhere. The last decade…

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A Byte-ful with TomNomNom

Without a doubt, tomnomnom is one of my favourite hackers. I look up to his tools and mindset. Recently, I was able to sit down and have a long chat with him. In this podcast, Tom goes into detail and…

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