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The Ultimate Guide to Managing Ransomware Risk

Your guide to managing ransomware risk and upleveling your security posture with crowdsourced security


Ransomware attacks can extort your funds, damage your reputation and brand, and shut down or severely degrade your operations for a sustained period of time resulting in additional loss of revenue, customers, or much worse.

Ransomware attacks doubled in 2021—and those are just the attacks we know about. For every known attack, as many as 30 others go unreported.

In The Ultimate Guide to Managing Ransomware Risk, we take a closer look at ransomware threats. This guide covers:

  • Statistics and data around the rise of ransomware so you can understand your risk level
  • How to establish a pro-security culture
  • Five best practices for safeguarding against ransomware attacks
  • Recommendations about how crowdsourced security can help when it comes to ransomware

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