Bugcrowd is pleased to welcome veteran security industry leader George Gerchow to Bugcrowd’s Advisory Board. George brings over 20 years of information technology (IT) and systems management expertise to the Bugcrowd team. His deep industry experience is bolstered by his extensive background in the security, compliance, and cloud computing disciplines. George currently serves as Head of Trust at MongoDB, managing data security for highly regulated workloads and maintaining compliance amid increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

“Bugcrowd is excited to add George Gerchow to our Advisory Board as we continue to grow this organization,” says Dave Gerry, Bugcrowd’s Chief Executive Officer. “George’s acute industry insights stemming from his expertise in cloud security architecture design, compliance, and operational cybersecurity will be especially critical for the Bugcrowd team.”

Prior to his role with MongoDB, George worked as Sumo Logic’s Chief Security Officer and SVP of IT. He also served as a co-founder of the VMware Center for Policy & Compliance, where he worked on the bleeding edge of public cloud security, privacy, and modernizing IT systems. In addition, George serves as a faculty member of the Institute of Applied Network Security (IANS). George is also a philanthropist, having co-founded XFoundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes youth awareness of fentanyl poisoning.

We appreciate George’s commitment to serving on our Bugcrowd Advisory Board alongside other stellar board members who include Ben Fried, former CIO of Google; Jeff Simon, Chief Security Officer at T-Mobile; Prabhath Karanth, SVP, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Greenlight; and David Fairman, CIO & CSO – APAC at Netskope. 

Q&A with George Gerchow

Why are you joining the Bugcrowd Advisory Board? 

I believe heavily in ethical hacking and the Bugcrowd leadership team. So grateful to be part of the journey!

What is one piece of advice you have for professionals aspiring to a career in IT or security leadership? 

Do the hard stuff, things that others run from. Embrace challenges and always focus on helping others.

What’s a valuable lesson you learned leading teams through complex compliance requirements and highly regulated areas? 

Every challenge has a solution, if you focus on moving the business forward while meeting regulatory requirements, everyone will benefit. 

Glad to have you on board, George!