Customer Case Study

Aruba Networks

Implementing Ongoing Private Bug Bounty Programs to Deliver Better Device Security

As Aruba Networks scaled its operations to meet growing demand, it knew that product and application security needed to be prioritized.

After bringing in a dedicated team and carrying out multiple expensive third-party testing engagements, they still needed more eyes looking at the expanding attack surface.

Aruba decided to harness the collective power of human intelligence through Bugcrowd’s Ongoing Private Bug Bounty Program.


After evaluating its current testing capabilities and organizational goals, Aruba was struggling to get the coverage it required for its growing portfolio of products.

Solution with Bugcrowd:

Aruba was able to tailor its vulnerability testing pool based on specific skill sets, has more direct communication with a smaller group of testers, while still taking advantage of the crowdsourced model.
Because of its consistency and transparency, Aruba has received consistent attention from the researcher community over the last few years.

Program Results:

As one of the first organizations to utilize an Ongoing Private Bug Bounty to test hardware, Aruba has been recognized by the security research community for its commitment and innovation. Read the full case study below to learn more about Aruba’s bug bounty programs.